Los Andes: Garden, 60% off, a serif display handmade font with a playful & spontaneous feel http://tprls.me/YqQbia

Stawix: Dalle, 80% off http://tprls.me/1p7sOo0

Briefcase: BC Dres, conjures up the sweaty aesthetics of sportswear http://tprls.me/YqXHcQ

URW: Hangulatin, an intuitively learnable and surprisingly easy to read writing system http://tprls.me/1oL1iNN

Drew Melton: Ballpoint, all about adding a personal touch http://tprls.me/1At3bS4

Thinkdust: Squoosh Gothic, a more orderly, regulated kind of tomfoolery http://tprls.me/1meeUeP

TypeType: TT Souses http://tprls.me/1p7xgTD

Briefcase: BC Kakao, loosely based on calligraphy and handwriting http://tprls.me/1oVkHWv

We Are Colt: Adget Sans, clean lines and big curves http://tprls.me/1pG0Yza

Fenotype: Powder Script, a showy brush style script family of three weights http://tprls.me/1pG0N6W

Commercial Type: Publico Text Mono, make data look purely like data, untouched by human hands http://tprls.me/1thfP2o

The Next Web: 25 of The Best Typefaces from July 2014 http://tprls.me/1tizXSG

TipografiaRamis: Compass Next http://tprls.me/1thfqx0

ParaType: Vaccine Sans, a humanist sans family with soft terminals http://tprls.me/1tgikD0

DS Type: Torio http://tprls.me/1oKWZSB