Letters from Sweden: Trim Mono

Letters from Sweden: Trim Mono http://tprls.me/1gFgMud

TED: Mathew Carter, My life in typefaces

TED: Mathew Carter, My life in typefaces http://tprls.me/1lhc8pp

Letters from Sweden: Ferry

Letters from Sweden: Ferry, the second contribution to Letters from Sweden’s “Fabrik Suite” http://tprls.me/1eFYHkd

Grilli Type: GT Sectra

Grilli Type: GT Sectra, the calligraphy of the broad nip pen with the sharpness of the scalpel knife http://tprls.me/1jaTZHi

Re-Type: Laski Slab

Re-Type: Laski Slab, a comprehensive suite of 20 fonts conceived for editorial purposes http://tprls.me/1kGEpYb

Misprinted Type: King Bloser

Misprinted Type: King Bloser, a calligraphic font family inspired by Masters of Penmanship http://tprls.me/1gOh70U

MyFonts: Creative Characters interview with Typejockeys, March 2014

MyFonts: Creative Characters interview with Typejockeys, March 2014 http://tprls.me/QKeUdP

Lettersoup: Ropa Sans Pro

Lettersoup: Ropa Sans Pro, a sans serif font family of 8 weights http://tprls.me/1ikH723

Colophon: Burgess

Colophon: Burgess, an idiosyncratic & subjective reinterpretation of midcentury Photostat cuts of Times New Roman http://tprls.me/1lEZJz4

Fontyou: Saya Semi Sans FY

Fontyou: Saya Semi Sans FY, lightly condensed letterforms, beautiful calligraphic details http://tprls.me/1lEZBzO

TipografiaRamis: Decima Mono X

TipografiaRamis: Decima Mono X http://tprls.me/1i613nX

Font Bureau: Big Moore

Font Bureau: Big Moore, a grand serif design by Matthew Carter http://tprls.me/1ikGXaZ

The Northern Block: Modum

The Northern Block: Modum, a precise, highly functional text face with a low contrast http://tprls.me/1q2gVy7

FaceType: Pinto

FaceType: Pinto http://tprls.me/QKdRdK

Village: Marigny

Village: Marigny, a casual typeface that was drawn with serious typography in mind http://tprls.me/1j7UGDX