The Next Web: 23 of The Best Typefaces from August 2014

Latinotype: Tepu, a pictogram set inspired by modern iconography

Letra Type: Galea Display, a slightly condensed serif typeface with long extenders

Borutta: Adagio Sans Script

Malwin Béla Hürkey: Nihon, an ornamental japonism typefamily

Juri Zaech: Bend, a contemporary ribbon type family

Latinotype: Via Sans, designed for fast reading from a distance

Philatype: Lovato, 70% off, a clear, sharp, stylish tone

Resistenza: Nautica

Yellow Design Studio: Lulo, a textured, retro, 3-dimensional font family

Typesketchbook: Tolyer

Hoftype: Orgon Slab, 50% off, well suited for ambitious typography

Borges Lettering: Kodiak, loosely based on the works of many great sign painting masters